I love producing videos. No other medium spreads a message more effectively.  Please enjoy this sample playlist of some of my projects.  For more, please visit

Instructional and and Safety Training

I like the challenge of taking drab content and turning it into something fun and surprising.  Take the topic for instance of “Fire Safety for Office Workers”.  By creating some ultra-low budget special effects, writing a script that’s concise and finding a Greek god willing to appear for free, I created this fun little PSA for the State of Texas.

John at the Movies

In 2011, I started producing weekly syndicated movie reviews and essays for several different news outlets including Ain’t It Cool News, WSAW-TV and my own website John at the Movies.

Corporate Video

Every now and again, I’ll shoot something special for the Alamo Drafthouse or help them with a creative project.  That includes interviewing a celebrity for their “Don’t Talk” series of PSA’s, recording a conversation with a filmmaker for the extras on an upcoming Blu-ray release or trying to figure out how to film audience reactions in the dark during a film.

Live Events

You only get one shot at capturing a live performance.  That’s what makes live events so fun.  Few things make me more excited than planning out a shoot and then seeing it through to the final edit.


My friends at Vulcan Video sponsor a very special weekly event at the Alamo Drafthouse downtown. Terror Tuesday features hard-to-find horror flicks from the 70s, 80s and 90s. To help spread the word about this small, but mighty local video store I created a series of off-beat promos featuring Vulcan Video clerks and odd horror film references.

Want more?  Check out this YouTube playlist for more of my work: